Unlock Lockdown – online communications and staying safe online

21 students

We designed this course to be driven by you.

We will touch on many different approaches. We will provide you with:
• Interesting information, knowledge and new skills
• Activities to reflect in what you have learned
• Videos to support with your learning
• We will provide you with regular daily 1:1 discussions and facilitation from your tutor
• Links to great resources on the internet
• Discussion boards online to share your views
• An opportunity to set your own goals personal to you.

We hope this course serves to develop a community of practice allowing us to share ideas, support each other, and build libraries of shared resources.

How to work through this course

We know many of you are under time pressure, and we want the course to fit alongside your day-to-day routines. During this difficult time in isolation we are providing some light relief and work you can do at home to feel more optimistic about the future.
We are following a task-based approach, with the majority of stated learning time (this course is described as 20 hours per week).
Each week you’re invited to take what you’ve been discussing up to that point, choose the parts which are most relevant and useful to you, and apply it in your life. You will have a chance discuss the course with your personal Tutor to reflect on what went well and what didn’t, and share feedback and ways of moving forward.

We hope in week 2 you will build on what you started in week 1, growing in confidence as you develop insights and skills.

How it works

• Your tutor will ask you to read and consider some online materials. These will prompt you to think about the topics
• You will discuss the topics with your tutor 1:1 after you have reflected on the content
• You will make a record of what you have discovered and how you can apply this to your own life

You will need

• Access to a computer
• Access to our online resources
• A telephone we can call you on.

Questions and support

Each week, the Be Positive team will be online to get involved in the comments and discussions, but please do take the time to read and respond to your fellow learners.

You can email your tutor at any time as often as you need and we will provide a weekly phone service open 9:30 – 3:00

We also have a comment sections where you can share your thoughts with other learners on the course

Course outline


To understand Internet Safety – how to protect yourself online and how to communicate in private using Video and Audio platforms.


 To learn how to stay safe online and how to use safe Video and Audio online

You will

  • Be able to set up and use 2 or more video conferencing platforms
  • Be able to join online meetings
  • Understand the pros and cons of video conferencing
  • Be able to identify safe online practice
  • Understand safe password protection
  • Understand Malware – Virus and Trojans
  • Understand Virtual Private Networks (VPN).

How are we Funded?

We are funded by the ESFA  (Education, Skills Funding Agency)



I am a teacher looking to progress my career in a new area. I am unsure how to become an HGV driver. I have had some issues with health that have held me back for sometime.

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