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Occupational Skills
March 2, 2018

Stage 1


50 hours      Fundamentals

We review your starting point and build up from there.

We look at how you think about work what inspires you and what you need to overcome barriers to finding work. We examine your skills and your personality qualities. These includes a personality inventory based upon MBTI. It is quick, fun and revealing about your personality traits and how they relate to work and play.
2Job Search and Digital Media
You will learn how to locate opportunities using social media and online job search websites, you will also learn the skills needed to use Twitter to find work. If you have a smart phone or tablet we also show you how to locate work using apps.
We review your CV and relate it to the industry in which you are applying for. We use technology and CV scanning software to ensure you have all the keywords that employers in your chosen line of work are looking for. We do not use templates and we work with you 1:1 to achieve this
4Interview Skills
We really excel here and provide you with a modern understanding of how interviews work, what to say and how to prepare.
we work with you 1:1 to recover what we can do to remove barriers for concerns about being able to work

Stage 2


40 hours      Advancing

We start using your new CV and skills to locate the best job possible.

1Job Search
We spend time with you, locating and supporting you to find work, using your new Twitter and job search accounts we set up at the start of the course
When you locate a role you are interested in, we offer you a real job interview for that job to prepare for the real thing.
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