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Our Vision

We believe that positivity and optimism is central to success and we embed this approach into all our support and teaching

All our Mentors and teachers have been through it all themselves and understand the challenges finding work.

We provide online and face-to-face classroom teaching, Coaching and Mentoring on a range of topics designed to help you feel good, feel optimistic and find a great career or job. We are committed to providing high quality services to our clients and the wider community. We believe that positivity and optimism is central to success and we embed this approach into all our support and teaching. All our mentors and teachers have been through it all themselves and understand the challenges of finding work. We offer a range of courses to our clients, ranging from courses involving employability, computing, occupational skills and smart devices. Our courses are free and funded by the the Government with funding from the ESFA and, offered through the NCFE Awarding body, or in the cases of the computing and smart device courses, community funded or DWP sponsored.


We use blend of traditional and modern teaching methods, these include using technology and innovative peer support

Observations and Inspections

We are observed and quality assured by external bodies to ensure we meet Ofsted and Accreditation standards, we are a registered training provider and consistently achieve grade 2 Star observation results across all our tutors.

We are a Government listed Training organisation , ICO data protection complaint, private limited company established in 2011


We get feedback from every learner and we average a score of 9.3/10 for all our courses,

'The group worked really well together and was very relaxed' 'A good venue, very central' 'This is different to other courses, it is structured and logical' 'The tutor is really understanding and has been in the same boat himself'

Case Studies of how we help

*Michael has a terminal illness. He felt he had something to offer the workforce and really wanted to find an employer who would consider him. After using traditional methods of job search he was demotivated by the lack of response and came to us for help. He attended a 3 week course with our Tutor who decided to anonymously advertise on Linked-in to over 3000 individuals and organisations in Central Bedfordshire. Micheal was successfully matched to an employer who valued his skills and contributions and is now very happy working in a full time job.
*Phillip had not worked for over 30 years. Due to a very low self-esteem and confidence was unable to leave his house during this time and was terrified about joining a course or looking for work. His fears were largely focussed on the way he looked was worried about people making unkind comments about his appearance. He worked with our tutor over a period of 3 weeks, during which time his confidence and mindset became more optimistic. Empathy, positive reinforcement and a relaxed, welcoming learning environment encouraged Phillip to open up to a new way of thinking about himself. As the result Phillip was noted by the Job Centre to have transformed into a much more confident individual who is now ready to consider applying for work.
*John was unemployed for over 5 years when he joined us on a course to improve his confidence to find work. He lacked recent experience and knowledge of how to use IT to effectively find work and needed a CV. During his time with us he grew confidence to create a CV, use Twitter and online job search websites. However, it became evident that he was struggling with references at application stage. We offered him a part-time paid role cleaning our offices which provided him with a professional reference and recent work experience. As the result less than one month later had been successful in gaining many interviews and recieved a job offer. He still cleans for us part-time evenings and is very much one of the team.
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